new york

after my time working in a summer camp i also spent a few days in New York. I bought a throw away camera and tried to capture what NY meant to me in those few days. it was cool, relaxed, inspirational, but most of all i was surrounded by culture and one of the most vibrant exciting cities in the world.
New York truly doesn't sleep...well i didn't.

san fransisco

i spent my summer working in a summer camp with inner city from New York. when i finished working i spent 4 days in San Francisco. the city is small and beautiful. it was cold but everyday the sun shone brilliantly. each photo seemed to be absorbed in blue. i would like to own a bike and ride around the streets of San Francisco taking photos.



a few



rome was like stepping into a film set. undisturbed, beautiful and breathtaking. i spent my whole time in awe...and eating pasta

berlin 08